Live now

Rebello Presents Elzada

Baile funk, Brazilian grime, batida ++


Look Inside - zizi K inivtes Kitsta

DJ, producer, and Megababes labelhead. She brings us this time a mix of breaks and downtempo sounds with euphoric bright shapes and some dark undertones.


Mindscapes w/ Luna Sphere

Mellow morning show dedicated to exploring brain-tickling tones ranging from ambient, dub + dub-techno, bass, jazz, drum and bass, slow jams etc. Deep music for focusing, zoning out and starting your day on a peaceful and pensive mood.

Mexico City

Gross Bisexual Rat Radio JUNIMIX feat. FiFi x LQ

Digging in all the wrong places, Fifi + LQ play music + other shit that is crusty, disgusting and sometimes pretty.


Gummi Void w/ Old Dogs

DJ Mentiras & Juan Ramirez are back with a selection of IDM, acid house and breaks.

San Antonio de Pereira

Jollies w/ Austin Watts

Jollies is an independent record label based out of Brooklyn, New York.

New York