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A Vault Of Our Futures w/ Oravin

Vienna, 08.08.22

experimental electronica fourth world

A Vault of our Futures is a bi-monthly show oscillating between ambient soundscapes, experimental club music, electroacoustic research, and Neue Musik. Seamlessly splicing the music of different decades of the last and present century and experimenting with aural narratives and mashups of diverging styles, this show would become a research lab for music fitting our increasingly anhedonic (post-)pandemic times.


  • Ydegirl - Parody of Crime
  • Ange Halliwell - Harvest moon (Camecrude)
  • Organ Tapes - Heaven Can Wait
  • Paul Giovanni/Britt Ekland - Willow's Song (Oravin Edit)
  • Current 93/Baby Dee - Idumæa (Oravin Edit)
  • Courtesy - Night Journeys II
  • Malibu - Nana (Like A Star Made For Me) (Julianna Barwick remix)
  • Colleen - Everything Lay Still
  • Rachika Nayar (feat. Maria BC) - Heaven Come Crashing
  • Malibu - One Life (Evian Christ remix)
  • IDKLANG - 8 Years
  • TTristana (feat. Js Donny) - My Rules
  • Rachika Nayar - Our Wretched Fantasy
  • Caterina Barbieri - Terminal Clock
  • Ange Halliwell - Walk away (Milyma)

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