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Amanita Muscaria w/ Citizen:Kane

Lisbon, 15.08.22

electronica minimal synth

Amanita Muscaria is a place where CITIZEN:KANE shows new music that he is discovering on a regular basis. Music from all over the globe, found on different corners of the world wide web. 

These trips will go through a wide range of sound, with a particular focus on exploratory electronic music.


  • Rejoice, o Death! - Intimate Hunter
  • Autorhythm - Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Abisso - Sin.k.hope
  • Buddog18 - Expermerntal Belladonna
  • Antonin De Bemels - Marée Haute
  • Smyles - Moan For Me xxx
  • Nonagon Stare - Forgiveness
  • La Palma - Sangue Latino (Secos & Molhados cover)
  • Tropic Noir - Bangalô
  • Floresta Oblíqua - Night Of The Falling Stars
  • Calafate - N
  • Adriana João e Pedro Tavares - Ventos

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