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Annexia w/ Silence Overture: “Pilikia”

Manchester, 17.12.21

experimental electronica

Silence Overture conducts a psycho-geographic study of his Hawaian ancestry, piecing together a historical narrative that explores violence, cultural prostitution and natural disaster. News reports and field recordings are intertwined under layers of industrial synth deluge, creating an anxious and haunting study of a marginalised culture. Ea!


  • Sample - Haunani-Kay Trask- “Concept of Mana” & “Cultural Prostitution”
  • Sample - Boar Hunting Video (Knife, Bow, Dogs)
  • Sample - Rucci Synths (Small, Light, 8-Bit models)
  • Sample - Dirt Biking on Waihee Trail
  • Sample - Presonus Studio One (Four)
  • Sample - Queen’s Aloha Oe (AI Isolated Vocals)
  • Sample - Hawaiian Tsunami & Nuclear Attack Test Sirens
  • Sample - Lorenz Recordophone Wire Recorder w/Hawaii Sound
  • Sample - Koala app
  • Sample - Kawaipuna Prejean at Hale O Papa c1992
  • Sample - Rap Reiplinger- “Pilikia Hotline” Skit
  • Sample - Thunder, Lightning, Heavy Rain in Kauai
  • Sample - Fruity Loops Mobile
  • Sample - Lava Bomb Hits Tourist Boat
  • Sample - Native Hawaiian Bird Calls (Endangered, Extinct, etc.)
  • Sample - Mele Inoa Hawaiian Chant
  • Sample - Bulaia- “Speeding” Skit
  • Sample - Local Hawaiian 7/11 Commercial (1990s)
  • Sample - Fractal Bits app
  • Sample - Queen Liliuokalani’s Protest to Annexation (Washington DC Senate Hearing 1898) Voiced by The Rock (AI Rendered Voice)
  • Sample - Hawaiian Lava Flow (Panasonic GH5)

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