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Annexia w/ Adrian Steele

Manchester, 18.02.22

post punk new wave post rock

No overbearing theme or concept for this month's Annexia, just some tunes I have been enjoying. Includes the work of some of my friends and some glimpses at my upcoming album.


  • Adrian Steele - Alcantera 1
  • Ssaliva - The Longest Sleep
  • Pavel Milyakov, Yana Pavlova - Strong Willed
  • Isabelle Adjani - Pull Marine
  • Dean Blunt - Stone Island 6
  • Iceboy Violet - Are U Connected
  • Lamborghini Diablo SV
  • DJ Hellscaperr- I Shall Kubro Until My Land Is Free
  • The Sound - New Dark Age
  • Ella Skinner - Washing Machine
  • Yyed - Upon the Mud, Beneath the Flesh
  • Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven
  • Himera - Peaceseeker
  • First Flush - Skulptur
  • Adrian Steele - Moors Ablaze In Solstice Heat
  • Adrian Steele - Ari RMX

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