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Asfixia w/ Tom Violence

Montevideo, 11.10.21

post punk noise punk

Asfixia is a radio show by Tom Violence that digs deeply into the weirdest and most hypnotic sounds of the 70s and 80s underground electronic scene from all around the world, focussing on Industrial, Minimal Wave, Synthpop, and EBM. Submerge yourself into a dark, cold, and sometimes-dancey atmosphere full of bizarre voices, trippy synths, and anxious mood swings.


  • Striborg - The Enduring Prevail
  • Marita Schreck - Schattenpatient
  • German Army - RITUAL OF COMMAND
  • In Aeternam Vale - Annie
  • Minimal Man - Cheap Motel
  • Interaccion - Esta Vacio Tu Corazon
  • Krupoviesa - Grinding Halt
  • Ski Patrol - Silent Scream
  • The Mob - Witch Hunt
  • Come - Shaved Slits 2
  • Réseau D'Ombres - Return Ticket
  • Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - The Poet
  • Fourwaycross - Driving Thru Trees
  • Lack Of Knowledge - Flame Thrower
  • Auto-Mod - Out of the Darkness
  • Kaos - Tigar

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