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Channel 2997 w/ Kozo

New Jersey, 15.12.21

electronica vaporwave

Channel 2997 is a vaporwave radio hour that appears to us for one singular hour during the month through a weak tv signal with unknown origins. This static-riddled signal appears to be from a distant future, where corporations dominate all consumable media. The contents are unknown, the world is unknown, we only know what we hear, we only know what we experience.


  • 天気予報 - 山中湖
  • Strawberry Station - Goodbye
  • Christian Dreamer - WORSHIP王様
  • nofriendsonline - Christmas Decorations Already
  • 猫 シ Corp. - Indoor 園芸 Climate Control
  • Hantasi - Bookstore
  • Lefty Larry - Musical Instrument Warehouse
  • FOTOshoppeツ - Christmas Hotline
  • desert sand feels warm at night 濃霧 - ストレスの多い状況
  • b e g o t t e n 自杀 - (heartfelt) - 沮丧的
  • alternativeulster - blood the hands
  • Stadium Filler - The Rise and Fall of Stadium Filler
  • Mystery Type - With
  • Ordenador Sobrecargado - demo.img
  • BL00dY M4RY - 破損したメモリ
  • トッシュインプラスマック - あなたの目の輝き
  • PlayStation platinum - Celebration

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