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DҲlete Radio

, 17.12.21

experimental glitch spoken word

DҲlete Radio, is a speculative occupy radio show about a newly-formed-collective decided to break-in the Headquarters of M*ta (previously known as F*ceb**k) located in Silicon Valley, California < USA to build a pirate radio show, a non-violent radio transmission to highlight questions around the bad reputation and exploitative models of tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google, etc., DҲ-R's statement explains the ethos of this impromptu occupation: "We takeover the architectures financed with our collected data, in a way we will inhabit our misused surplus value_s to denounce digital regimes, and demand transparency".

DҲlete Radio attaches noise aesthetics, experimental electronica and techno-glitched BPMs from figures like Merzbow, Autechre, Yogev Freilichman, Filmmaker, James Ferraro, Jandreau, Optic Nerve, Swarm Intelligence, A.G.F., Yao Bobby & Simon Grab & Dhangsha, Anohni and The KLF // alongside voice excerpts from Bruce Sterling, Evgeny Morozov and an special message sent by ∆vantミ∆ngel™ for this show. 

DҲlete Radio is an unusual attempt to cause awareness related to CEO-oppression, data-mining, surveillance, metaverse capitalism and proxy resistance through sould-melting resources.


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