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Euphonic Rhythms

Essex, 11.10.21

deep house beats hip hop spiritual jazz

This mix showcases much of the hip-hop, jazz, house, dub, poetry/spoken word and experimental music (created primarily by Black artists) that has influenced us throughout the years and, more recently, over the past few months...please enjoy the mix and we would definitely encourage seeking out these sounds and +++


  • Mood - Esoteric Manuscripts/Info For The Streets/Millennium
  • R.A.P. Ferreira - Battle Report ft. Pink Navel/Bobby Digital’s Little Wings/Rejoice ft. Eldon Somers
  • Milo - An Encyclopaedia
  • Nostrum Grocers - da.I.S.Y. Neohoodoo Anthemic No. 99
  • Eldon Somers - Bollocking Pt. I
  • Moor Mother + Billy Woods - Tiberius Feat. Elucid
  • Elucid - Lionshead
  • Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates
  • Sons Of Kemet - My Queen Is Ada Eastman
  • Amani + King Vision Ultra - Hell Juice
  • Billy Woods + Kenny Segal - Spongebob
  • Elucid - A Great Many Wishes/Dune Dada
  • Moor Mother Feat. Black Quantum Futurism - Nighthawk Of Time
  • Moor Mother + Billy Woods - Furies
  • Armand Hammer + The Alchemist - Squeegee
  • Angel Bat Dawid - Sunday Meeting of Colored People in Chicago
  • Moor Mother - Geology Of Ruin
  • Jayne Cortez - How Long Has Trane Been Gone
  • Maurice McIntyre - Humility in the Light of Creator
  • Decibel - Manatí
  • Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim - Kalahari Suite
  • Count Ossie + The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Hundred Years/Run One Mile
  • Angel Bat Dawid - Negro Hamlet
  • Robert Owens - Art
  • Theo Parrish - Summertime Is Here

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