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Hermetic Journals: Tarotplane Guest Mix

Montreal, 03.02.22

experimental industrial dark ambient krautrock

For this second episode of Hermetic Jounrals in 2022 I have a special guest mix by the great Tarotplane. His modern take on kraut grooves, classic ambient and experimental electronica was released on such acclaimed labels as Aguirre, 12th Isle and Constellation Tatsu.

For this issue of Hermetic Journals Tarotplane goes all dark, mysterious and weird starting up with some shamanic psych and kraut atmospherics than proceeding into inky post-industrial experimentalism and eventually leading us back into the light with Mediterranean ambient radiance of Suso Saiz.


  • A La Ping Pong - Nordlaut 1
  • Alessandro Pizzin - Dedicated To You
  • Robert Turman - Radius
  • Gardener - Im With My Eyes Open
  • Zoviet*France - Dream Hole
  • Et Cetera - Tau Ceti
  • Circle - Escapades
  • Philip Perkins - Radio Dream (London)
  • Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus - Psalm
  • Luis Cilia – O Peso Da Sombra
  • Hartmann - Music 1
  • Burnin Red Ivanhoe - W.W.W
  • Earthstar - French Sky Lines Suite
  • N Chambers - To Continue
  • Deuter - Susani
  • Ki Oni - Riders Of The Wind
  • Suso Saiz - Naranja

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