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Infidel Bodies w/ Impure Secretion

Naples, 28.09.21

industrial hardcore drone

Impure Secretion describes the process in which substances are produced and discharged from the body. Thoughts, ideas, and fears are extracted from the inner self and take form by sculpting into structural sounds. The first drops of these experiments were released on his debut cassette by Liber Null Label under the name 'Instincts'. Impure Secretion, resident project of Liber Null Berlin, has performed with the collective during their Asian tour and has collaborated with Nullam Rem Natam by composing the live soundtrack of their art performance for the 5th anniversary of Liber Null in Säule Berghain. He is currently directing his new sound fusing cinematic drones with heavy percussions and is constructing his upcoming cruel works. Impure Secretion was born in Berlin in 2017.


  • Coagulant - Conjuction
  • Ramleh - Entropy
  • Navicon Torture Technologies - Beauty In These Ruins
  • Antechamber - Ossulstone
  • ANFS - Varkarola
  • Second Spectre - Absolution
  • Overlook - Former Self
  • Saahiwa - Epigenesis
  • Antechamber - Archaic Idol
  • Matriarchy Roots - Lifestyle (After the Rise Comes the Fall)
  • Llimbs - Ruins
  • Ontal - PI02.3
  • Torn Relics - Bore Hole
  • Uncto - Cold Knife
  • Kwartz - Recoil
  • Denise Rabe - Pretending
  • Headless Horseman - Breaking the Spell

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