Live now


London, 26.05.22

experimental glitch new age

London-based label PC Music present a month long residency on IPR that include a whole host of incredible content - audio, visual and otherworldly. PC Music’s Past, Present and Future.


  • Kelora rework - Pain and Love (Marc Bolan)
  • Mike Oldfield - The Lake (Kelora Remix)
  • Julek Ploski - Main Theme 2
  • Felicita - The Green Pulse of Tomorrow
  • Kelora - Harp the Harper
  • Felice Baur - There She Goes (The La’s)
  • Robin Williamson- Praetorius’ Courante CLXXIX (Kelora Remix)
  • Sarah MacCormack - Ajilted butt plug talking over the sound waves
  • Kelora - AfhZz..
  • Errsatz - Diamond Daze (Vashti Bunyan)
  • Kelora - Ivy (Nightcore remix)
  • Julek Ploski - Uf Finale
  • Mike Oldfield - Etude
  • Japan - Ghosts (Instrumental Recreation)
  • Dante Traynor - Alkaseltz (Kelora Remix)
  • Yiikii - Five Layers of Crimson Snow
  • Niikita - Raindrop
  • Pentangle - Willy o Finsbury (Kelora Remix)
  • Robin Williamson - Sheep Under the Snow

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