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Noir Age

Miami, 28.07.22

ambient new wave dub

Expansive experiments in sound from Noir Age label owner and visual artist Richard Vergez. Playing perennial favorites rooted in the post-punk and ambient underground as well as new discoveries, label releases, and other sonic oddities.


  • Valentina Goncharova - Reincarnation II
  • Indiegubben - Untitled 2
  • fossil aerosol mining project - etruscans behind the manor
  • Carlo Grossi - Untitled
  • Alie - Whole (excerpt)
  • Holy Tongue - Live at Servant Jazz Quarters (excerpt)
  • Femminielli - Atlantida
  • Andreas Brandal - The Value of Reality
  • Twin Lakes - Menagha
  • Viola Renea - Chariot of Palace
  • Evitceles - Bluest Cure
  • Geklaper - Partizan Gold Mine
  • Night Foundation - Rendering III w/ doris dana
  • Natalia Beylis - Invaded by Fireflies (excerpt)

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