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Our Tomorrow w/ Apt. E

Berlin, 19.10.21

ambient experimental minimal

tomorrow is a sonic exploration into utopia, cooperative transformation, and soft revolution via deep-listening, all-genre mixes from visionary artists and collectives around the globe.

~ What is the inspiration and vision behind Apt. E?


Apt E has always been driven by a freewheeling sense of artistic expression beyond outlets exclusive to music. A strong friendship in which we co-enabled each other’s off kilter concepts and senses of humor catalyzed our growth through shared experiences in our community. Apt E was born as an outlet to share our visions, which manifest as conceptual pieces across sonic and environmental mediums.  


~ Can you share a little bit about what you’ve included in this mix and your process?


Color, texture, inward observation, music that moves us and grounds us, favorites old and new taken from curious corners of our collection. 


It’s difficult for us to properly verbalize how these tracks come together or from where. We are constantly sharing music with one another and feeding off of each other’s energy. We both share a strong sense of what this mix is and where we wanted to take it but neither of us know how to put that down on paper. Our process is very organic and stems purely from our adoration for sounds musical and otherwise. 


~ If resources weren’t an issue, what is your biggest dream for Apt. E, if you could make anything happen?


Funding a full production (carbon neutral) vinyl plant locally would be a priority, plus a handful of loft/gallery/warehouse art spaces locked down in Seattle would help ensure the underground a future here. If our resources truly were not an issue, the entire world would be a space that shares the same strength in community, equality, and expression as we do in our dedicated underground spaces. Until then we’re starting small and taking it one step at a time. 


~ Any exciting things coming up Apt. E or as individuals?


The vinyl for our third output, Apt E Vol 3, has finally been delivered. Hear it Nov 1st at :) 


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