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Our Tomorrow w/ Pablo Diserens

Berlin, 15.02.22

musique concrete minimalism

✱ What is the inspiration and vision behind your music as Pablo Diserens?

My work is sparked by the world’s biomes and the non-human manifestations they shelter. With attentive and deep listening at the forefront of my practice, I navigate through environments mainly all ears and collect sounds through a plethora of recording techniques. I work with and share these sonic encounters with the aim of shifting people’s perspective and relationship with their surroundings and their neighbouring bio— and geologies. In other words, my work is an attempt at questioning and rethinking our place and caring for the globe’s habitats and communities.


✱What are some of your utopian dreams & musings?

My ideal utopia is one where interspecies kinship, caring and understanding are honoured. One where language isn’t only thought of as articulated speech, but instead understood as the numerous forms of communication, expression, and knowledge sharing that exist in the world’s ecologies. One where we listen to what moss, mollusks, insects, ice, and stones have to say. One where we pay attention. One where this language is punctuated and vitalized by possible hums.


✱ Can you share a little bit about what you’ve included in this mix?

In response to the dreamed utopia mentioned above, I’ve intertwined various animal, plant, and geological sonic manifestations with dronesque and electroacoustic gestures. Human speech makes a few appearances but either in honour of the stones or as purely deconstructed acoustic matter. It is animals, plants, and water that talk the most in this mix.


✱ Any forthcoming happenings for you in 2022 you'd like to share?

There are some exciting projects coming up this year. Some of them involve releases of electroacoustic pieces on A.V.A. and my label forms of minutiae, warm collaborations with loved ones, and if everything goes well the finalisation of my first short film since 2016.


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