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Our Tomorrow w/ RAN PARK & Slowfoam

Berlin, 18.01.22

ambient experimental musique concrete

✱ What is the inspiration and vision behind RAN PARK?


RAN PARK as a project is my way of saying yes to the child in us. I'm interested in the healing properties of music -- specifically, how it grants us access into the hidden parts of our being, and how it encourages us to embody fuller expressions of the many identities we carry, even/especially the parts of ourselves that may seem contradicting. I see this sort of acknowledgment of our complexities as an important step towards healing generational trauma. Sonically, it means I welcome musical influences of all kinds. I'm exploring how those sounds intermingle with my personal history, and I'm finding delight in creating new contexts for them. 


✱ Can you share a little bit about what you’ve included in this mix? 


RAN PARK: I've included old and new experiments in composition and rhythm. Thankfully this project could house vast explorations! You'll hear passages ranging from symphonic to classical, jazz, electronic, and some trance-inducing meditations. Two composers that I'm deeply indebted to are Ennio Morricone and Ryuichi Sakamoto. There are some tracks in this mix that are unabashedly aspirational and attempt to follow the shadows of these maestros. 


Slowfoam: I've also included some unreleased Slowfoam tracks and some songs off a forthcoming EP by myself and Neilll ~ an incredible ambient/experimental multi-instrumentalist based in LA. The mix evolved into a slightly dystopic soundscape that encourages wanderings away from clamoring cities and back into the stillness of the natural world.


✱ What are some of your utopian dreams?


RAN PARK: My personal understanding of utopia is a world and existence in which our differences, shadow parts, and discomforts can be acknowledged without fear. 


Slowfoam: Mine exist tangentially to this world, but we're more closely connected to the ecosystems we take part in, as well as ourselves and each other. Similar to RAN PARK's, vulnerability, imperfection, and growth are innate and supported equitably. 


✱ Any exciting things we can look forward to from RAN PARK in 2022?


Several fruitful collaborations, including this one! With regards to my own work, expect more music beyond solo piano. 


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