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Glasgow, 18.07.22

experimental musique concrete spoken word minimalism

poumons-punaises is a monthly experimental music mix proposed by Glasgow based, French sound artist and sound explorer Boris Allenou for Internet Public Radio.

Reclaimed slowness, reclaimed randomness, reclaimed organicity. Sometimes crystalline, sometimes dirty, ‘poumons-punaises’ explores nestings and crossings of human and non-human produced sounds.

This show delve into weird experimental, steady drone, urban field recording, objective music concrete and loud noise with the always evolving willingness to explore the sonic eco-system of different era, places and objects.


  • Thomas Bonvalet & Jen-Luc Guionnet - mer A1_v3
  • Manja Ristic - ISOLATION 4_The Hero Who Couldn't Take It Anymore
  • Lily Greenham - Polar Polaris
  • Pamela Z - Scaff Scivi Gno
  • Christina Kubisch - Listen Through the Walls
  • Ka Baird - Storms Stay Fine
  • Tibault Jehanne - Farol
  • Jerome Noetinger - Un Claquement de main jamais n'abolira le hasard
  • Toshimura Nakamura & Tetuzi Akiyama - IE.1

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