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Proto Archives w/ Katatonic Silentio

Paris, 26.09.21

experimental drone

A collection of experimental soundscapes deconstructed bass tracks and noisy breaks assembled in a collage like atmosphere for future imaginary archives.


  • Kevin Richard Martin - After the Party
  • Valentina Goncharova - Symphony Of Wind
  • Perila - Enchiz
  • Valentina Goncharova - Vigor
  • Michel Redolfi - Fractions (la nouvelle Atlantide)
  • Fernando Falcao - Amanhecer Tabajra (a alceu valenca)
  • Kevin Richard Martin - Mechanical Chatter In The I.C.U.
  • Shuttle358 - Logical
  • Bendik Giske - Flutter
  • Shuttle358 - Broom
  • Heisei No Oto - A Tale

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