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Rest Now! w/ Nicola Zolin

Berlin, 01.10.22

experimental post rock bass

Each month, berlin-based experimental label Rest Now! presents a new show reflecting on current moods, mixing musical backgrounds and influences. This month label founder Nicola Zolin shares a mix featuring massive ambient pieces, melancholic emo tunes and dystopian electronic soundscapes.


  • Domiziano Maselli - Lazzaro II
  • Sadness - I Want To Be With You
  • 7777 の天使 - 1.000.000 Angels Around Me
  • Quit Life - Darkest Light
  • Escha & Ytem - Ichor (ft. migu)
  • Softmatter - Morphe
  • Strawberry Hospital - Chimera
  • Yawning Portal - Earthbound II
  • Miedo Total - Pomegranate
  • Malibu - Rude
  • Organ Tapes - AWM, AWY
  • This Is Pointless - That’s What They Do In College
  • SY/IN - God’s Design
  • Kevin Penkin - Pathway

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