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Sinister Flower w/ Lucía Hinojosa

Mexico City, 07.04.22

spoken word trip hop art rock

Inspired by the poem "corps de plane" by Patti Smith, sinister flower is a series of experimental mixes focused on exploring collective and close listening through monthly selections made by the host and guests, inspired on a fuse of multiple sound/genre bodies, affective flows and voices.

sinister flower is one of the series curated by unmade (Lucía Meliá) for the project perpetual_field, an experimental space to explore practical thinking through sound and theory.


  • Camille Mandoki - Dreams and Bells
  • Lucía Hinojosa - Rezo V
  • Alice Coltrane - Spiritual Eternal
  • Portishead - Roads
  • Alice Coltrane - Yamuna Tira Vihari
  • Louise Landes Levi - Butterfly Graveyard
  • Marr Marble - Blue Flower
  • Gryphon Rue - Biome
  • Joseph Nechvatal  - Crown of Thorns
  • Lucía Hinojosa - Rezo VII
  • Éliane Radigue - Elimination of Desires

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