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Wait Noise w/ Chelidon Frame

Milan, 18.08.22

ambient drone

Wait Noise, an uninterrupted flow of ambient and electro-acoustic music, a thematic and a-thematic selection of material and textural approaches to electronic music where the background becomes the foreground.

Curated by Chelidon Frame, sound-artist and sound explorer from Milan, Italy.


  • Passepartout Duo - Part I
  • Katharina Schmidt - Waiting [Flag Day Records]
  • thisquietarmy - We Were The First That Ever Burst Into The Silent Sea [Symbiose]
  • Giulio Aldinucci - Asymptotic Embrace [Karlrecords]
  • U/nu - Non Addomesticato [Chant Records]
  • Heavy Cloud - I could never walk away from you [Histamine Tapes]
  • FUHQ - Chainlink Crown [Symbiose]
  • Ab Uno - Isawiyya [Dornwald Records]
  • Arctica - Vanishing

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