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Waves From Bios Contrast

Paris, 17.08.22

ambient drone

It's difficult to talk about sound. When we close our eyes and listen, there are no boundaries and as such, what we feel can often not be described with the words we know. Our feelings are unique & different.
There is no word or genre that unites the artists of the label. Putting a word on a style, in order to classify, takes part of the magic away. Instead, what unites us is our passion for sound, dancing with friends and growing together.

Continuing with this same philosophy we present our show WAVES FROM and our 7th episode from Bios Contrast. We approached him for a remix of Zeze Wakamatsu's new track Loomer. 

“I was really fascinated by the vocals in the track and thought of a remix which takes elements from my recent album "Dragon Rising" and turns it into something that sounds electronic yet using raw recordings of harmonium, vocals and sample manipulation.

This mix includes some of my favorite artists that I've been listening to and in remembrance of the days I made electronic music and how my sound progressively shifted towards acoustic in tone.”

Hope you enjoy this journey through sound waves and wishing you much love,



  • Zeze Wakamatsu - Loomer
  • Zeze Wakamatsu - Loomer (Bios Contrast Remix)
  • Mondkopf - Through The Storm In Your Arms
  • Tim Hecker - Where Shadows Make Shadows
  • Tim Hecker - 200 Years Ago
  • KMRU & Aho Ssan - Resurgence
  • Caterina Barbieri - Broken Melody
  • Racine - Sans titre (Ft. Arigto)
  • Bendik Giske - Through

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